February 14, 2007

And then one night....

She was speeding across the highway. There weren't as many cars as one would expect. But then, it was mid-week and most people used this road on the weekends. She had wanted to get away from it all, in the middle of the week.

She hadn't told anyone she was leaving. Sometime tomorrow her colleagues would realise Reema wasn't in. She lived alone, so if no one answered the landline, it wouldn't be surprising. She would switch off her mobile phone as soon as she arrived at her destination.

It was a pristine spot, where she was going. She could immerse herself and forget about everything else that had happened. She didn't want to think till then.

She skidded to a stop. There was a tree branch covering the entire breadth of the road. She couldn't see any other vehicles. She looked at her phone for the time.

2.30 A.M,it blinked.

No network.

She sighed. And she got out of the car. As she bent to drag the branch, she heard a rustle behind her.


The body of Reema Malhotra was found on Friday, two days after she was reported missing, 300 miles from the place she was last seen. This comes at a very sad time for the Malhotra family, as Reema's sister, Sheena passed away in an accident two weeks ago.


Harish said...

Another incident?

Rush said...

@ harish.. another?? where is the first for there to be another :)