July 09, 2011

Guardians of forgotten vaults (attempt #2)

Ghosts of centuries past
Beheld the treasures and watched
Marauders crossing vast swaths of land
Pillaging, raiding streets paved with gold

Muslim raiders to British voyagers
Scurried away with riches over the years
But with the good graces of Lord Padmanabha
These vaults hidden from grave-robbers, foreign rulers alike

King after King went behind the strong steel doors
Lovingly parting with the wealth from pepper trade
When Famine visited the kingdom, No taxes
Decreed the Royals, Open up a vault

Ghosts of centuries past
Beheld the camera lights and watched
Aghast, cruel wand of fate
Opened up the doors to a salivating populace

No foreign invader could plunder
As completely as masses let asunder
False promises, vague intentions
Precious cargo taken en masse

Be careful, O’ irreverent descendents
Of curses, incantations in the name of the Lord
Devastation, turmoil, unrest spread like wildfire
Return to the Lord, you fools! The ghosts bewailed

Ghosts of centuries past
Beheld the forlorn walls, and waited
Guardians of long-forgotten vaults
They had learnt to be patient


Thanks to Ash and Dips for the helpful and constructive feedback that resulted in this post. Also to my dad for the (somewhat unhelpful) unconditional love of everything I write.

Let me know what you think of the two versions!


ashwinraghu001@gmail.com said...

Arre you thank then you label it MISGUIDED attempt at poetry?! Eh?!


Rush said...

that label is just a disclaimer hehe :)