February 07, 2007


If you have been reading TOI(Times of India, duffer) lately, you would have read the many articles on 'Do Men Gossip?'

The answer, let me tell you, is a resounding YES!

I have seen more enthusiasm for gossip from guys, that in most women. The latest example are the people in my office. The guys who joined later than I did, have become such a source of entertainment, with all the latest gossip. And, they have spread the cheer, if you will, to the seniors too - All Males, again. I must admit, my friends and I do get to hear the latest gossip, mostly because we are such observant people ;) , but not with as much enthusiasm as is displayed so unabashedly by all the guys!

The Girls/Ladies/Women, on the other hand, display a largely singular lack of enthusiasm. You try telling them the latest story, and you get a shocked 'Oh Really, I never knew!'. Who said that women gossip more? It must have been a rumour started by, well, men, of course!

So, the verdict is out, and I say it once again, Men GOSSIP!

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