February 05, 2007


How do I explain the mystery that is me? Vishal cannot put it in words, however hard he may try. He probably doesn't know me at all. Come to think of it, perhaps no one really does. Except for my dog, Julie, who does not judge me.

Another 5 minutes and I am going away from here. Although being at a table by myself isn't as bad as I thought. Except for the sad, curious glances coming my way. They are probably thinking, 'Oh the poor thing doesn't have a date!'. Vishal won't if he is not here soon.

Tina told me not to leave so early. 'Make a man wait', she said. Ha! What does she know! The cell phone is such a blessing, you can always pretend to be busy and pre-occupied, even when you are just deleting your messages.

'Hi there!' a voice piped up near my ear. Right ear.

I smiled at him, 'What, no kiss?'

The scandalous look on his face should have been captured. 'Here? Out in the open?'

'Are you chicken?'

'Hell, ya!'

'You think I am with you because of your charm?'

'Now we are getting somewhere. Pray tell me more'

'Well, I only wanted to have my first kiss before I turned 18, whats your excuse?'

'You are crazy'

'Just honest!' And it definitely did pay to keep a man dangling. Sweet revenge for making me wait so long. But then, what if that was the truth.

Poor Vishal.


nish said...

Nisha?... :-O
Thanks de!... :DDD
a post with me as title!!!...hehe ;)))

nish said...

hey de!...actually thot "Point of No Return" was a part of the story!!!... ??? -> does that hav anythin to do with the story or somethin???...

Rush said...

hey nisha!!
ya man, i am writin all about ur great love affair.. plz don mind :-P
and thank u sooo much for actually remembering d stories!! 'Point of no return' was a story about two sisters.. but i copied d style i used for 'a lost love' :D

others - i dunno if this gal had one, this one's all my imagination ;) and i don think of nish as d heroine, no ways would she ask for a kiss hehe :-P