February 03, 2007

When memories beckon...

A saturday, at the end of January, even with the end of season sales, finds me at home at noon. Immersed in a book. Until I hear faint strains of melodies from the school next door.

"Papa kehte hain bada naam karega
Beta hamara aisa kaam karega
Magar yeh to koi na jaane
Ki meri manzil hai kahan..."

Just the melody, no voices. Takes you back to that time when you believed in a fair world. A world filled with possibilities and hope.
Then the school voices break out in a rendition of KK's unforgettable number.

"Hum, rahen ya na rahen kal
Kal yaad aayenge ye pal
Pal, ye hain pyar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal
Chal, soche kya
Chhoti si, hai zindagi
Kal, mil jaaye to hogi khush-naseebi"

There isn't much of a crowd, unlike the usual celebrations put up by this school. It must be a farewell function, it feels like one. A school teacher talks after the song, wishing all the students the very best, asking them to remain focussed, bring glory, all of that. She also warns them that attendance is compulsory. For what, I do not know. Revision exams must be around the corner for these tenth grade kids.

They must be looking forward to going to college. They wouldn't have to wear school uniforms anymore. Perhaps a little apprehensive about making new friends. Probably a little devastated about having to leave school friends behind. Maybe, they just can't wait for their new lives to begin. Don't grow up too soon, I say to the wind. The wind may choose not to pass the message along. All I know for certain, is that they will revisit their school memories and wish they could have that simple life back again. The band, strikes up a final number.

"Tum ko bhi hai khabar
Mujhko bhi hai pata
Ho raha hai judaa
Dono ka raasta
Dur jaake bhi mujhse
tum meri yaadon main rehna
Kabhi alvida na kehna
Kabhi alvida na kehna..........."

Fitting, don't you think?

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