January 21, 2007

Rush Hour 2

Welcome to Rush Hour. This is your host Rush, as you know by now.

Today, I am in the beautiful environs of the Himalayas.. freakin cold out here.. ('Mind your language', warns a voice on my earphone)

Meet Mr. Earth. And no, he is not a winner of a beauty pageant, he is for real.

'So Mr Earth, ..'

'Call me Mud' a booming voice interrupts.

'Would Mud be your first name?' I don't want to laugh out loud.

'Its a long story' sighs Mr Earth.. er Mud.

'So tell me, what's with the hot geysers ? I have always wanted to know' I say brightly. I can hear my producer groan.

'Well... Keep this off the record..You know when you are surrounded by water, and you get this uncontrollable urge to pee?'

Uh Oh.. I didn't bargain for this. 70% water on the planet, and so he shoots off hot geysers!

I am not even gonna ask him about volcanoes and lava. Eugh.

'Please clarify once and for all. Is there such a thing as Global Warming?'On to more weighty issues.

'Are you guys blind, is all I ask. Aren't there enough signs already? If you are waiting for a sign that says "Global Warming is real" like the "Hollywood" sign, you are in deep trouble my friend.'

'Right. Er.. What do you think about the Population growth?'

'I am reaching B.P.'

'Boiling Point?' I ask.

'Bursting Point.'

'Ha ha.. ' The interview could be going better. You have a minute left, this is prime time, remember? The voice in my ear whispers.

'Nice talking to you, Mud. I am afraid that is all we have time for.'

'I suppose the future of the planet is not as important as the Cameron Diaz-Justin Timberlake break-up.' Deep Sigh. 'All I can say is, Be Very Careful, children.'

'Thanks Mr Earth.' my voice comes out as a squeak.

'Thats it folks, catch you on Rush Hour, at the same time, next week. Ciao!'


Jagan said...

did u ask about MR.SUN

Rush said...

is that a suggestion for d next interviewee?? :D

actually d idea fr an interview wit Mr Earth came when i was half asleep on the bus to work.. hehe so blame d long-distance travellin i do :D