March 02, 2007

The Bulls Vs The Bears

The rival college from across town had come to play the Finals of the Grover Trophy, a soccer fest for the college goers.

The Bulls and The Bears, quite ironically, might not have foreseen that they would in fact meet at the final. Leading to one of the best puns at college. The college magazine staff were having a field day. Even the nerds were out to find out if the Bulls or the Bears would ultimately triumph. The Mumbai Stock Exchange folks would have probably come down for a laugh if they knew. Or not, if they took their work seriously enough.

Vishal looked to the supporters before getting on to the ground. He could spot her, trademark red scarf when she wanted to stand out, quite literally, in a crowd. He blew a kiss in her direction. The coach simply glared at him.

Nisha pretended to catch the kiss, Tina looked on, exasperated. Tina knew the game quite well, after years of watching matches with two brothers she couldn't overpower. While fighting for the remote, of course.

"So when does it start?"

"Nisha, hang on till they are on the ground"

"Ok." A pause. "So what are they doing now?"

"Did you turn into the donkey in Shrek?"

"Alright, I got the hint."

Most of the game seemed to pass by in a blur. At half time, Nisha looked at the scoreboard, it said 1-0, in the Bears favour. "So Vishal's team lost huh?"

"There's still time, don't worry" Tina said.

Vishal hit a goal and the whole stadium exploded with joy. Nisha ran towards him and gave him a huge hug.

"Nisha, Nisha" the crowd chanted. Wait a minute, why would the crowd chant my name, she thought. Tina was nudging her, "Nisha! Our team hit a goal!"

She was sitting in the same place, not in Vishal's arms. Obviously. "Who hit the goal?".

"Tony did."

"Hmmm. So its over?"

"Nope, not yet."

Vishal hit a goal in the penalty kicks for the Bulls.. The Bears didn't.

"So is the game over?" Nisha shouted as the crowd erupted, this time, for real.

"Yeah, he won the match for us" Tina shouted back.

No, Nisha didn't run across the stadium to him. No one would have been surprised though, if she had.

Don't ask me what this is, i cant believe i actually wrote this :( feedback plz!!


Anonymous said...

russsssssshhh enna dhaan solla vara!!!...

Rush said...

absolutely no idea.. i learnt this tho - don write just because u feel like writin.. write only when therez a story in ur head that wants to be told!!!

Padma said...

i didn't get anything:(.. suthama purila.. y all ur heroine are nameed nisha is because she is the only person reading ur blog:D..

Rush said...

hehehehe no da..not referrin to hemanisha :D

this is a series u see,so same name!

Anonymous said...

nice try.. did u take the hint from the cadburys ad??

Rush said...

which ad?? :D n who b u?