March 08, 2007

Picture this!

I am sitting in the plush volvo bus, with the AC hitting me full-blast, when the bus is stuck in a jam. I look out the large, clear windows.
What a way to live. I cannot help but feel guilt. Which gets compounded when I remember that I haven't made my monthly payments to my sponsored child through worldvision.

That was because of a technical problem with their website and MasterCard, I tell myself.

The guilt doesn't go away.

Does it, ever? For you?

PS: A closer look, BB insisted!

(Original Image Courtesy: Yours Truly. Edited By: BB)


Ramakrishnan said...

I have seen you polambing about your finance, ana child ellam sponsor panra. kalakkara po.

Rush said...

thanks :) there are many shades to one person..thats why generalisation and slotting never works!