January 18, 2008

Ten things I'd like to do before I turn 35 & Ten things I miss about my life right now.

Dodo tagged me.. Btw Dodo, I am confused too, so you are not alone!

Before I turn 35, I want to

1) Make lots of money
2) If 1) then plan to retire immediately
3) Have learnt Ballroom dancing... the foxtrot, the waltz et al
4) Eat in a bistro in Paris, see the inside of a Pyramid
5) Still be dancing
6) Write a book
7) Rung in New Year's at Times Square.. but does anyone really go out in the crowd? ;)
8) Take part in a marathon (not that, you ditty mind).. a biking race or even a protest walk (or maybe not)
9) Have had an extra marital affair. Apparently, its all the rage
10) Grow up. Naah, Not really

So what do I miss?

1) Income
2) My family and friends from back home..
3) A life which did not have schedules penciled into calendars
4) A car
5) Coconut chutney
6) Warm weather (Its snowing here)

That is all I can think of.. Must I tag someone? Ah, Rahul and Anu.


Rush said...

Oooh, I left 'Make out on the beach' :) No, not in front of a crowd

Anonymous said...

I've been inside a pyramid... it's so quiet, you can hear your ears screaming. You feel warm and cold at the same time. Your skin is cool and in your tummy you feel this warmth brewing... and you can hear the whispers streaming out of the past to past your shoulder, so fast yet so slow....
Here's wishing you a great trip to Egypt...