September 14, 2007

What was I thinking?

When my friend and I started orientation, her uncle, a tepper alum, told us that we will have a ‘What was I thinking?’ moment sometime during the first year of the MBA.
We laughed.

“Yeah, I have experienced that already, when I was washing the dustbin yesterday after we moved into the house”, said moi. As you can tell, I have never done any chore at home. Let us not talk about my cooking skills either.

“Oh no, you will have an academic ‘What was I thinking?’ moment” said uncle.
Into the first week, I looked at the required reading for communication, and wondered if I had reached that moment yet (take your minds out of the gutter, please). We *only* had 8 chapters to read from the text book and seven from the course packet.

And the profs kept saying ‘It will get worse’.

I decided to take part in the case competition (5 Guys). Got back home very late on Thursday, and realized that I had to be there at school by 8 the next morning. The next morning, bleary eyed, I walked to the bus stop, remembering my dad’s question, “Will you be able to give up on your nine-hour sleep time?”

Apparently I can. Am not saying I am pleased to discover that!

Next task on the list was the probability quiz. About half hour into the test, I had given up on about 7 of the 10 questions. I looked around and saw my friend wearing an “I am so screwed” expression on his face. Yeah, he was taking the test as well. No collaboration, mind you (I feel compelled to add that!)

Had I reached my ‘what was I thinking?’ moment yet? Well, I tried all the questions again, and I survived to tell the tale. So maybe not.

Am sure all of you have had ‘What was I thinking?’ moments in your lives (Waking up next to someone you won’t be caught dead with, a huge hangover, bungee jumping, maybe? Disclaimer: Examples are not personal experiences :))

My question to you is, have you had your MBA ‘What was I thinking?’ moment yet?


Just got this one published in the school magazine :)

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Samarth said...

I refused booze last night....