October 13, 2007

The Things We Do

  • You talk to someone in the hallway and all you can think of during the conversation is ‘hell, I don’t know his name!’, and the minute you are done, you pull up the photo roster and look for the name.
  • You see people sleeping in class/ presentation, you take pictures of them (Suraj has been taking pics, be warned!) or you elbow them awake. Erfan found that I have a pretty strong elbow. Sending mails to the person saying ‘Wake up!’ works too. You would think that a person who is dozing wouldn’t check their mail, but Tuesday did – and it kept her awake!
  • You find that you are spending so much time in the study rooms that it feels like home – and your housemates don’t recognize you anymore.
  • After taking the probability quiz, you go around telling people who are studying, “It doesn’t matter, don’t even bother”. Someone was trying to calculate the probability of getting an average score without doing any studying and marking the answers randomly.
  • MD found people pointing and laughing at him after Neha used his pics in her Communication class discussion on Bad First Impressions.
  • You like the EIS simulation from Managing Organizations so much that you get addicted to it and treat it like a video game.
  • Whenever you are hungry, you go check out the free food at the Masters Lounge before you go anywhere else and are disappointed when you don’t find any.
  • You check Blackboard every five minutes after a quiz to check out the average scores go up or down as more people take it. You may hear cheers if a crowd collects.
  • You have a stack of the Wall Street Journal in your room.
  • You feel like you are in a time warp, and it seems like the mini is stretching forever. And you don’t believe its only been 6 weeks.
  • You are tired of eating the corporate presentation sandwiches.
  • You are growing very fond of excel. You draw beautiful tables calculating all kinds of distributions to use in the quiz, and you find that they never are.
  • You are surprised to find that you still haven’t met everyone in your year.
  • You feel left out that you are the only one who hasn’t spammed the tepper09 mailing group yet.
  • You go to a party after doing the case competition and you fall asleep on their floor.
  • You never thought it could be so difficult to coordinate schedules with your group.
  • You think of writing articles for RB in bullet points coz otherwise no one will read it.

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