July 16, 2007

From Tipu's Time....

Tipu's fort in Devanahalli..

This obviously was taken from the back seat of a car :)

There is a temple the whole family (all relatives) go to, of Lord Venugopalaswamy(mane-devru, family-god, kula-daivam as u call it). My grandfather was a patron of this temple (and some others too). This stone temple is 500 years old, and is govt property..

The Entrance..

There is some restoration work awaiting govt approval that will begin shortly. The richest man in Devanahalli is spending 50 lakhs on each temple in devanahalli (there are lots).. Do you have that kinda money :) ?

View inside the temple.. The marble that was put in by my uncle will be removed and replaced with granite now(acc to d pujari).. I am not uploading the pictures of the diety coz I suspect thats illegal :D
Therez Venugopalaswamy with his two consorts, and a Lakshmi idol and a Narasimha idol in separate chambers. There is a procession every year, sponsored by my grandparents children (hehe my uncle and aunts), and the temple's ornaments and jewels are brought from the govt registry(or watever) along with police escort and used for decoration. Sounds cool eh! So much history..

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