June 07, 2007

How do you say GoodBye?

Nisha sat staring out of a window.

"I feel so numb', she thought, rubbing her hands on her arms, in an effort to keep warm. She didn't know how she managed to get through the funeral. There were people around her, friends and family, but she couldn't remember who was there with her. All she knew was that her sister was dead. Not coming back.

She still felt detached, unable to believe it. Whenever the door opened, she turned eagerly, half expecting Tania to walk in. And then there would be the gut-wrenching realization that that would never happen. She didn't know if she had come to terms with Tania's death. It felt so unreal. She had watched, as everyone cried around her, as though caught in a limbo, and seeing things in slow motion.

"This can't be happening", she kept telling herself. She tried to remember her last conversation with Tania. Nothing came to mind.

"I could'nt even say Good-Bye"

She stopped believing in God. And yet, only visiting the temple everyday brought her some solace. She had returned to her flat.

Vishal visited everyday, bringing her food. If he hadn't forced her to eat, she wouldn't have survived for so long, she thought furiously. She didn't know who had called him, maybe it was Tina. She hadn't bothered to ask.

Nothing mattered anymore. Her sister was no more.

Nothing mattered anymore.


Ramakrishnan R said...

you almost always dont get to say the last good bye.

Rush said...

sadly true :(