March 31, 2007

No Forever

I was watching 'Grey's Anatomy', and I heard Meredith say, "You think you have forever, but you don't"

How true! My uncle's Rottweiler, Bruno died today. He was actually taken to the family burial ground in the village and buried.

My aunt and uncle, last heard, are inconsolable. He was 9 years old, so his time was certain to come, very soon. Especially after he fell sick recently and one vet suspected cancer. Another one said not cancer, inflammation, and he responded well to the treatment. But he collapsed today at the hospital.

Now to all of us this doesn't seem like a great disaster. But my aunt and uncle are in their sixties, and their daughters are married and have moved out of the house. One of them is in NY.

She called us up today and told us to go visit her parents, saying they are acting like a person, not a dog, died.

Oh coming back to my point, there is nothing called forever!

And added to my list of friends moved out, one just flew the nest today. One thought never leaves me - If I do succeed in joining CMU, I might just never meet my friends again! Not as often as I do now, atleast. :'(

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Cruel Intentions said...

And which one flew away?