March 29, 2007

My Next Boyfriend?!!

I was hurried through the lines, literally, at the eye hospital because my dad knew someone there. After the computer check-up, and the eye pressure was checked. The machine blows a puff of air into your eyes and the lady in charge has d audacity to suggest you shouldnt jump back!

Then the doc sees you. He asked me the mundane put-patient-at-ease 'Are you a student?' - I get that a lot. And he promptly forgot the answer. Then again, he was like, so which course are you doing? He had an amused expression on his face.

I told him again. Next question, Are you married?

I was thinking, er, no doc ever asked me that!

Said 'Nooooooo'.

Then he said, No wonder you get away with T shirts like that.

I looked down to see which one I was wearing. Oops!

"You remind me of my next boyfriend"

This T I had bought with the dance instructor in mind 6 months ago. The most gorgeous guy ever, let me tell you that. After the dance classes ended, I forgot what was written on the T shirt, didn't matter any more you see. Was wrong, wasn't I?

I just hope no one else took it seriously!


Jagan said...

was the doctor gorgeous :D

Rush said...

oh i wish..i would have made ma move if he was!! did i mention, my mom was with me? :D

Cruel Intentions said...

And you never EVER wore that T to Office. Mr. Cubile Mate might have been interested :)

Rush said...

@aman - of course i did :) and no, i wouldn have been interested back hehe in ppl from office!!