January 10, 2006

Mallu Land Ahead!!

Dips' class is planning a trip. To kerala, also known as Mallu Land.. and since we both share a passion, rather the lack of it, for the tongue numbing cuisine served there, i came up with the below:

mallu land!!
here she comes,
take out ur drums..
herald her arrival..
she wil be fighting for survival..
so please appease her taste buds..
or ur reputation wil be shot to the mud!!

To the residents of mallu land - pl don take it dil pe ;)


Juggernaut said...

was that supposed to be a limerick?
u r pathetic ;-))

Btw.. which one did you want me to check out on your blog?

Rush said...

hey i meant the second post here.. 'In Desperation' :)