January 09, 2006

In Desperation

He stared down at the list of monies owed
a long list of debts accrued down the road
a future unfathomable,
the journey interminable.

Life is a bed of roses, or so it had seemed
until the day to the lawyer he had been
(to see) coz he had called and said
'I'm afraid u are in trouble my friend'

'There is no more cash
since ur last birthday bash
now u will have to spend frugally
and start investing prudently'

Said the wise old man
who had been his dad's avid fan
Appointed to manage his Trust Fund
He had tried all he could to warn the young 'un.

But to his words the man paid no heed
and he continued to fulfill his every need
till the day the money ran out
and the debts started to mount

To the present he came back
how he wished he had changed tracks
Now the future looked so bleak
He berated himself 'why am i so weak?'

The empty walls would not answer
his problem was like a cancer
that had spiralled without control
now leading to a future untold

All his family treasures were put on the block
All his possessions were under lock
And now he would have to sell
the Mansion in which his family had dwelled

The bottle of poison beckoned to him
To end his life, easy it seemed
He could feel the ghosts of his ancestors
clucking at him for not facing his fears

But this was the right thing to do
this was the answer that rang true
and so he put down the bottle on the floor
Head held High, he walked out the door.


Juggernaut said...

Who was that?
Your new boyfriend?? ;-)))

Rush said...

D'uh!!! u think i am gonna find myself a penniless chap?? no way!! this was inspired by some character's situation in a novel i read.. not by real life!! :)