January 07, 2006

Did you like Dumbledore??

While you were watching Goblet of Fire, the movie, did you think at any point during it.. "Thats not how Dumbledore is!!" ? Outside the theatre, I met my cousin's best bud, and this is what she had to say about Dumbledore 'I am not watching the next one if he's still playing Dumbledore!' The first movie had the best Dumbledore ever. But he had to go and die!! (in real life)

When you read the book, Dumbledore, lets call him D for short, shall we? D is supposed to be this awe-inspiring person. In the movie, he's nothing but a clown. Where D in the book can shake up an audience into silence by clearing his throat, D in the movie has to jump up animatedly and scream 'Silence!' to achieve the same. Pretty pathetic, for a headmaster who is the only wizard You-Know-Who feared.

Am sure if you agree with me, you will definitely agree to the part where D puts both his hands on Harry in an exaggerated movement, and says "Harry Potter!" scaring the wits outta poor Daniel Radcliffe. Ah well, if you don't remember, just watch the movie! I met dips, a good friend of mine.. and when we started talkin about the movie, the first thing we did was imitate this scene. We thought of it at the same moment! Coz this is one of the profoundly meaningful scenes tossed into a pitiable mediocrity, thanks to none other than Mr.D!!

Hoping that they have a dignified, awe-inspiring Dumbledore atleast on the next movie,

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