January 13, 2006

On the Bus - Do I see a silver lining?

Well, I DO spend quite a lot of time on the bus travelling to and from office, so please bear with me while I write another one about my time on the bus. This time, I am determined not to crib! :)

Lets take a look at the advantages of spending about three hours on the bus. Only the advantages, mind you!

Well, for starters, those who don't have time to contemplate on their lives have plenty of it - Time, I mean. We all lead such fast paced lives, and are constantly in a hurry. But on the bus, you have plenty of time to think about yourself, your day, where your life is going, the works. It gives you time to catch up on your life, coz as the cliche goes - Life is what happens when you are busy doing other things.

You get to make phone calls to all the people you dont wanna lose touch with. School friends. College friends. Ones you made in training. Sure, the person snoring next to you on the bus might not appreciate it. But what the heck, someone else is glad that you called him/her.

You can make new friends of the people who travel with you on the same route everyday. Or your friends might be taking the same route as you. It is a lot of fun, trust me, to re-discover the art of conversation that does not involve a mobile phone. Sure, everyone on the bus is gonna get disturbed when you and your friends are in the midst of a giggling fit. They might give you dirty - 'why are you making so much noise' looks. But you dont really care, do you?

When you are not talking on the bus, you get time to catch up on your reading. An avid book enthusiast like me, would love to have all that time where no one is gonna tell ya 'Could you please run to the grocery shop and get me some stuff'. Sure, your eyesight is gonna get worse with the bus driver driving like a maniac, but hey, your eyesight's not getting any better even if don't read!

Speeding on the Outer Ring Road, you look out your window and wonder 'Wow! No Traffic!'. Quickly you thank your lucky stars. Thats when you notice the stars in the sky. Its just past sunset, when you can see stars and there are hues of the bright sunset sky still left. And a lake reflects the city lights and it simply takes your breath away. It makes you wonder if the hassles filled journey is worth just this one moment of breathtaking beauty. You think, Maybe, just maybe, it IS!

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