October 22, 2005

A Rainy Day

i was walkin down the street
drummin my fingers to my ipod's beats
the rain came pouring in sheets
oh god will it stop raining please?

i rushed into a mall,
which screamed 'come in ye all'
had to meet a pal
still cant believe he had the gall

in the middle of the night he gives me a call
to say - lets meet up tomorrow and have a ball!
in answer i gave a snarl,
but here i am, standing not quite so tall

ready to scream and yell
why are you angry,do tell
pitter patter the rain drops fell
amazing,the earth did smell

the rain's not so bad after all,
i thought, as my anger took a fall.
i smiled as i went further into the mall,
which screamed 'come in ye all'.


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