October 22, 2005

When Love Is In The Air

when love is in the air,
life seems rosy and fair.
there's always a smile on your lips,
and that one person you always miss.

each song seems to hold a special meaning
and you find that you are always dreaming
there’s a spring in your step
and that name in every breath

you wait for the phone to ring
for the happiness that would bring
coz when love is in the air,
life seems rosy and fair.


Divya Anna said...

This is full of mush!
The person in yur heart we know...
He makes yur face glow!

Chattin 24/7
yu feel like yu r in heaven!
Thinkin abt him... subah se sham,
nazar nahin aata hai tumhein aur koi kaam...

All the best lady!
n don't you forget my brownie!

Abhi said...

Was just wondering...Am I missing something???I guess being ur 33.6km a day travel partner I should know who u r talking abt....

Rush said...

Not really.. these ppl are jus teasin me!

khushi said...

Hey there
whatever they say .....
But i think you wrote the exact feelings on the paper.
It feels like heaven when you hear your beloved , his touch drives me crazy, cant think about anything else even at work.
When love is in air , its like the heaven under my feet.

Rush said...

I'm really glad u liked it.. not being in love myself, i was wonderin how this one wud turn out!!