October 09, 2005


The sweet smell assailed my nostrils,
anticipation spread from my tongue to my tonsils.
The smell was that of vanilla,
quite different from the pines of manila.
I wondered what lay cooking in the oven,
the dangers of opening it amidst, were but proven.
As I debated what my mom had just made,
she called out to me saying she had baked a cake!
After it was done, on it we did gorge,
without saving a morsel for dear sweet george.
And no this is not the george of the bush clan,
who I really think should be doing time in the slam.
george is the neighbour's dog,who simply loves to hog.
Thus ends the story of the cake,
which vanished seconds after it was baked.


Rosa Benito said...

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Brian Hunter said...

Hi, I really enjoyed your Blog. Keep it up!


Adam Hunter

Sandeep said...

Nice one, Rush!
Keep the limericks coming... I'm definitely subscribed!


P.S : It's sad to see that you're getting spammed on your blog!
(private road construction???)