October 04, 2005

The Truth about Charlie

There was a fire alarm. Supposedly a demo, but nobody knows if that was the real reason.
Well, I will tell you the real reason. Charlie was angry. Angry with his angels, with his team and
with the world in general. Coz they didnt give him enough time. Time to hang out with Tiny.

He really tried hard to spend time with her. He even started working. Till ten in the night. Now
you know why! He would spend all of that time at her desk. He wouldnt speak to us, his
angels, he didnt want to make Tiny jealous.

But all his efforts were of no avail. There were just too many people around! So he became
desperate. Tried to forget her by calling in sick, complaining of tooth ache, while he was
actually suffering from Heart-ache.

He just could not forget about her. So he did the unthinkable. He smoked so much, he set off
the fire alarms in the building. When people rushed out of the building, he stayed back. And
cooked up the pretext of a call, to get Tiny along. Nobody noticed their absence.

Until lunch time. We were all settling down to lunch, with Psycho reserving a space for Charlie.
Little did he know what Charlie was upto. Suddenly one of the angels piped up with 'Where's
Charlie?... and Tiny ?'. A mischevious gleam came into our eyes. Charlie was caught!

One of his rivals for Tiny's affections, was mysteriously sent abroad. So all you guys out there..
Beware of Charlie!

One of the Angels

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