April 18, 2005

A Story of Doubt

Once upon a time in TCS,Technopark,entered a batch called T 15. the batch was renamed D 1. 'D' for the 'doubts' category and '1' representing the idiom,'one soul and two bodies'.

Yes, we are talkin abt Niyathi and koundy. this is a romance that began with doubt. or rather,doubts. Many,oh,so many DOUBTS.

when niyathi asks a doubt,koundy would explain it to her. they would pounce with glee, on the unsuspecting teacher,who had no idea what kind of a shock treatment,sorry, doubt treatment,that was in store.

The corridor in the third floor of B G Continental,our hotel,paved the way for the continuance of the romance,with or without doubts.

Doubtless,the romance continued thru the breaks,over tea and lunch.it left the rest of T 15,in doubt,about the nature of the doubts that were shared by Niyathi and koundy. Niathi,would always sing "kuch tho hua hai",from kal ho na ho...

This romance continued right under the noses of people in T 15. but they didnt notice coz they were all sleeping in class,without having any doubt about the romance with doubts.

Doubtfully yours,


Gayathri said...

TCS, Technopark, BG continental.. Wow.. Brings back memories, though I stayed in ganesh residency. :)

Rush said...

ha ha..thats nice!! which batch?? :)
it was fun, wasnt it??

Gayathri said...

Yep! Lots. I was in T89. Oct 2005.

Rush said...

@gayathri - Neat!! i left tcs last year.

anyhoo, must commend ur patience on having reached almost the end of the blog!!! thanks for reading.

Gayathri said...

Hehe, even I left TCS last year. :)
And no, I needn't be patient. :P
Found it interesting. I can never write stories - not that creative. Some of them were excellent. Good going. :)

Rush said...

ha ha, thats nice of you to say..thank you!