April 18, 2005

Episode 1

The THA club takes immense pleasure in introducing its Founder , Vipin. The membership of Kondy is still in doubt.This as you all know is Niyathi's fault.

Vipin proposed to Kondy and gave him a week's time to accept the proposal. But kondy is not very sure whether the love in his heart is meant for Vipin or Niyathi. Both his master's degree and the Artificial Intelligence had not prepared him for such a situation.

Whenever Kondy speaks to Niyathi,we all sense a burning smell coming from Vipin. Whether it is out of jealousy or the cigarettes he consumes or both is yet to be determined.

Vipin has gone to such extends to declare his love for Kondy, that he learnt the most romantic language, French and proposed to him in front of everyone.

If you go to Vipin's room, you will see the 'nishana'of his love. All the chairs Kondy has sat on, all the tea cups he has used, will be found. That is why we have a shortage of chairs and cups in the training centre.

Hoping Kondy will reciprocate Vipin's love.

Rush and d Whole of T-15.

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