April 18, 2005

The Brother Maker

Let me introduce u to Padmasri,the brother maker of our batch.she has broken so manyhearts by making brothers out of all the guys in the batch.

Whenever she asks a doubt,everyone asks her to keep quiet,because their broken hearts meltat the sound of her 'koyal' like voice.(trust me,its anything but!)

When she whistles,all the guys come rushing out of their rooms,with expectant faces andlooks of disbelief,that she is calling them.But when they realise that the whistles were notmeant for them,their hopes and dreams come crashing down.

She's the only one with a 25 yr old son,Basavaraj.Basav asks his 'amma' for a chocolateeveryday.But she's so used to breaking hearts that she refuses to get him a chocolate.

Hoping Basav gets his chocolate by the end of ILP and that the brother-making processis confined to T-15,..



Cruel Intentions said...

This Indeed is Hilarious....

Helps Take the mind off the T120s and the U950s

Rush said...

hey aman..ha ha.. sure does beat em!