April 18, 2005

Beauty and the Sleeping Beast

Looks are deceptive.Who would have guessed that Anish and Alpa are crazy about eachother?That is the sole reason Alpa asks doubts in class.So that Anish will wake up atleaston hearing her voice. Anish even asked Alpa out on a date,to which she accepted.

But alas,these Jabalpurguys never gives them privacy.To this date,the date between Alpa and Anish has notmaterialised. The chemistry between them both is such that Alpa's phone has gone to sleep eversince Anish touched it.(d phone's dead)

Anish started calling Alpa's Technical Group as Labour Class,in thehopes that atleast then they will leave her alone!But no,they didnt understand.So he started acting as the Resource Investigator of his group,so he can get an excuse to spy onAlpa's group and stay with her.

One day,Anish logged into Alpa's id and saw many msgs from many guys and he was very disappointed.He started sleeping even more in class.Alpa hastened to reassure him that she is true to him.I am not sure if Anish believes her or not,as he has not reduced his habit of sleeping in class.

Anish has been downcast ever since MATC announced the postings.Anish is trying for a transfer to Mumbai. Not many people know that Anish and Alpa were talking in the terrace on monday night(2-8-04).

Appealing to the Jabalpur guys to give Anish and Alpa some privacy and to let themgo out on their date..

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