April 22, 2005

Incorrect Imagination

A friend was asking about Incorrect Imagination,if such a term exists.. and this is what i had to say.. Don blame me,i was bored.

What is Imagination?

The act of thinking about something that is either probable, improbable or impossible.

What is probable, is possible.. in this case,our imagination proves to be a "correct" one.But also in the case of the improbable,the mind is able to delude itself into believing,atleast for a short while,that the powers of the mind are infinite.

This may either be correct or incorrect depending on the perspective. As we all know,there is always a thin line between right and wrong.. what is correct for one person may be horrendously wrong for the other.The impossible,however defies imagination. It is all well to say that the mind has great powers and that anything can happen if you apply your mind enough. But no one actually has succeeded in jumping off a cliff and flying just by sheer concentration. If anyone had,they would have survived to tell the tale.

But even the jumping off the cliff scenario - even if it seems impossible.. can be turned into an improbable one.. by thinking of the inventions made over the past two centuries.. the leaps and bounds in the aviation sector..

If you had suggested to our ancestors that we could one day fly.. they would have laughed it off saying its impossible OR wisecracked that u r not Hanuman. But,if the same had been done during the time of the Wright brothers.. they probably wud shrug and say.. its improbable.. but after the Wright brothers,we all know that not only is it probable,it is also possible..

So it is difficult to define the correctness of imagination.

Because,if u try hard enough,u can actually make it come true.. maybe not in the original form as in your imagination(coz v were thinking of flying without any techno paraphernalia) but it does happen.
albeit a little different from what u originally thought of(am sure no one wants to travel with a thousand different passengers on a plane,given a choice)

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