April 18, 2005

A Love Story

Akila got a jolt. Santhosh was sitting right in front of her. Her heartbeat increased to 100 beats per second. Her hair fell out. her eyeballs dilated to the size of dinosaur eggs. she started jumping up and down.

THEN santhosh turned to look at her. The air became charged with electicity. A thunderbolt leapt out of the sky. it rained cats and dogs.Mahendran,santhanam(her ex-es) were all washed away by the floods that ensued.

Clnl put Akila in a confinement room,hoping the floods would abate.but alas,it worsened. the next day,santhosh was found in the room.......... All the ppl at TCS,Technopark,ran out,scurrying for cover.The ILP team,thought hard abt the solution to this problem.

It was suggested by the Batch T 15 that everyone in T 15 should get posting of their choice and that akila and santhosh be put in the same place. everyone was very happy when this was implemented,as the floods finally stopped. So were all the residents of chennai, as the floods caused by the arrival of akila and santhosh, ensured not only enough water for them,but also for many generations to come. And everybody lived happily ever after!!



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