April 03, 2005

Seriously Funny

Being funny is not trying to make people laugh but helping them see the humour in their lives….some people have a wacky sense of humour. The kind that is outrageous, meant to be funny of course, but ends up offending instead(sometimes,atleast!).

Now u may wonder, why on earth am I serious about something that is to be taken lightly. You are not wondering in vain. I am just trying to be serious, for once in my life..Of course I was serious once before, when I had an operation…but that kind of seriousness was of my body and not my mind…well if I had known it was serious, I guess I would have been serious too. I am sure you are seriously wondering if you have to continue reading this article (?!).
You would most seriously, sorry, most definitely prefer the latest Harry Potter… which if you can lay your hands on, would you seriously (not again!) consider lending it to me? Which happens to be seriously expensive. But seriously, do you know that an Australian school has banned the book because it “promoted” witchcraft. I mean how serious can it get? May the minds of the enlightened folks dwell on other serious matters. While we seriously debate the morals issue, would you please excuse me while I seriously request all my friends out there to get me the newest Harry Potter book, at least to avoid reading such serious articles by me in the future.
Seriously yours,

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