April 03, 2005

Did you know?

Did you know that every time you hiccup, someone is thinking of you? Did you know that whenever Pinocchio lied, not only his nose, but also his ears used to grow longer? Do you know that as you are reading this, there are two horns growing on your head, one blue and the other red?

Did you know that Micheal Jackson, King (or is it queen) of Pop, has three children, one black, one white and the other blue (he was hung from a balcony-don’t worry, he didn’t die). Did you know that the Government of India spends millions sending VIPs abroad for medical treatment(there are no good doctors in India, dummy),while millions die due to lack of medical help.

Did you know that Rekha, the ageless beauty, spends more than 10 hours everyday for her beauty treatment (or whatever that upkeep is called). Did you know that if you have a squint, you are supposed to be lucky (ask granny).

Did you know that an Anaconda (remember the movie?) female, mates around 30 to 40 male Anacondas AT THE SAME TIME! Did you know that when you were a baby, your head was ¼ th of body length (height), and now its 1/8 th .

Did you know that our country made it to the Top 10 Nations of the world- for Corruption (of course!). Did you know that “Apple falling on Newton’s head led him to think about Law of Gravity”-is a fake story?

Did you know that if you have moles on your palm or fingers, you have a good handwriting? Did you know that Aamir Khan divorced his wife Reema, after being married for 15 years?

Did you know that if you hadn’t read this, you would have grown a tail?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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