April 03, 2005

In the classroom

Date:11-02-03 Time:08:45 A.M Location:C-204 Class:P.C

Hunger. Not my fav topic, but right now I am thinking about it because I am very hungry. I got up when it was ten minutes to seven, put on the immersion heater, washed my hair, brushed my teeth…blah blah. I slept at 1:30 A.M. Studying? Well, for sometime. After I finished prep for DB2 exam, I should have gone to bed right?
Well, I didn’t. So it happens that I am sleepy as well as hungry. Bad combination. Why aren’t you asking me what I was doing? I was reading a book, ”Temple”, by Matthew Reilly. A very un-put-downable book. His books are always like that. ”Area 7” was great. Racy thrillers, set in the U.S or about a U.S defence team against a terrorist/govt group. Classic Good Vs Evil, but as I said before, Unputdownable.
Well that was what I was doing. Talking about the book didn’t make my hunger go away. I am still hungry. VERY hungry. My stomach is burning(gosh, I hope my acidity problem does not come back).It was Idly(I deeply love you) in the mess today. Oh shit! why did I ask? I want to eat something. Don’t think of something yummy rashmi, or you will be more hungry, if that were possible.
Wish P.C sir would leave the class. Am stifling a yawn. Why is it that whenever you look at the teacher(and the teacher looks at you),that the yawn tries to make its presence felt? Well, sir didn’t actually see me yawn(I stifled it in time),but he wouldn’t have let that deter him from his noble pursuit of educating my dumb(!!) classmates in the finer intricacies of the lingua franca anglais(English, you dummy).
As he goes ahead in his noble quest, my classmates are not listening,(Tch..how sad),they are playing games(rosy and sorna)
or talking or preparing for placements. Think I will disturb one(sheeba) of the few listening by giving her this to read.
Happy Reading!!

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