March 29, 2005

The unending quest for a phone

--the author would like to note that any resemblance to actual persons(living or dead)
or circumstances, is purely (un)intentional.

A saga spanning five months...It all started with the protagonist,divya(dodo)
deciding that it was time she bought a new phone,to replace the one that reminded her
of a simpler time.. (if that rang a bell,friends 9th season)
Her bro,offered to send her a 'kewl' phone from the states..but unfortunately,that
didnt work out..and then the search resumed in earnest in january,with inputs from all and
sundry.. from the forum in koramangala to jayanagar.. word spread amongst the mobile
-sellers,of a young lady looking for that 'perfect' phone..
Sales reps quaked in their shoes when she entered and rushed to please..hoping
that they would be the chosen ones to provide that elusive phone..but alas..
amit accompanied her many a time on visits to the mobile places in town..helped
her find a phone she really liked,only to realise that she had not made provision for such an
expensive model in her budget.. and the castles came tumbling down(somethin similar
to the jack n jill story)
all the manufacturers of mobile phones in india were in contention for that 'puhfect
one',nokia - too common,lg - bad,motorola - costly!,and so on and so forth..
life partners have been found in less time..which brings us to the question,how d hell
will dodo find her Mr.Right? no prizes for guessing why dodoes are extinct now!!

--- Rush