July 16, 2008

The Aftermath

Adarsh sat at the table, reaching for the newspaper unconsciously, and stopped short. The other chair was empty, and Varsha was not sitting across him, trying to avoid giving him the paper. She would be at his table, he thought bitterly. Drinking her morning coffee with her usual assortment of fruits. She would have her face puckered in a frown, as she tried to concentrate on the sudoku puzzle in the paper.

She had moved out almost right after he found out about her affair.

How could she?

He felt like a fool. A cuckolded husband, is probably what everyone thinks of me now. He used to think he was immune to gossip. Immune to what others thought of him. And then this!

The silent questions, the disappointment, the worried glances, the shattering of what his friends thought was 'an ideal marriage'. The worst part of it all, was the pity he saw in his friends' faces.

He so wished he could take the coward's way out. Why am I stuck with the shards of glass when it was she who broke the mirror?

And then there were those that tried to help. By setting him up on blind dates. He hadn't been on a "date" in almost fifteen years. Except of course, with Varsha. What was he supposed to talk about? How his heart was wrenched apart?

How could she?

Was it so easy to throw away what seemed like almost a lifetime of togetherness? He wanted his questions answered. But he couldn't stand the thought of seeing her and not being with her. He couldn't understand how things could change so quickly; how she could be so happy while he missed her every second of everyday!

Some of his friends tried telling him that time heals. He didn't care. He only wanted the numbness in his chest to go away. So he could start living again.

He didn't know how, but he had to, of that he was sure.

How could she?


Divs said...

You are definitely getting there...!! Its fundu!! I'll wait till yu release a book now :)

Rush said...

dodo - thanks!! :D someday, hopefully..

deepthi said...

hey rush.. everytime i read any of your love-betrayal blogs i am convinced that you are having a steamy affair and hiding it from us.. Confess now gal !!

Rush said...

tee hee.. and everytime i need to convince people otherwise..i do not, repeat, do NOT write from personal experience.. i wish i were havin d 'steamy' affair tho :D

Basavaraj said...

Who is that pained soul that you have come across . . . send him to our ashram, he will be a rejuvenated guy in a week...

Rush said...

hehe, no basav.. i hav put him in a cage (like in a zoo) so i can write some more stories..

Ramakrishnan R said...

who is john galt?

Rush said...

ha ha, well, not having read 'atlas shrugged', i had to google the phrase to find out what you meant!!

ZaNYChiLD said...

hey nice one
just hopped into ur blog from a friends friend blog!
seems cool!
visit my blog pages from zany files sometime!
cheers and smiles

ZaNYChiLD said...

ur blog is so cool i could spend my whole after noon reading through them
and i guess thts wat am gonna do!

Rush said...

@zanychild - thank you soooooo much!! hehe i guess the recent ones are better..so you may be disappointed as u go deeper down the page!! wil def stop by your blog!!


Shakir said...

Good one Rush!! :)