April 12, 2007

Politically incorrect

We were going to a restaurant the other day, and D mentioned seeing a documentary on NatGeo about Akbar. He had a harem of 300 wives. Fool said that must be why Agra is full of Akbar's descendants.

D then said that she heard from someone that there is a 1000 year plan to convert India to Christianity/ Muslim faith. I was appalled, initially. But then I remembered that India's invaders have been trying for centuries now and have failed. Fool piped up with, true, but the backward sections of the Hindu society are systematically being converted by one religion, and the other, well, breeds.

And there is the little matter of no-conversion-to-hinduism-is-possible. Well, if our forefathers with all their foresight thought that wise, it must hold good!

The next day I read an article in The Week, which spoke about atrocities against Dalits in TN. It is inhuman, what people can do to each other. Within the same faith that too. The various castes in Hinduism, Shias Vs Sunnis, Protestants Vs Catholics. God didn't intend it that way, for sure.

I don't think we can make a major difference. But we could contribute to the NGOs that try to make a difference to the lives of the oppressed. You could look up 'Scum of the earth' in The Week dated April 8, 2007.

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