January 02, 2007

New Year Revelations

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you had great fun on New Year's Eve. It has become so important that we do. Not so much because you want to have fun, but to have a 'cool' answer to 'So what did you do for New Year's?' questions.

Well my cousins and I had organised games..for our parents and their friends! It was a lot of fun, truth be told, to watch all uncles and aunties acting like kids ;)

And one of them had organised a quiz for us so we didn't feel too left out.

One game my cousin came up with, I must talk about. It had each couple tied to each other. The uncle(we call them all uncles u see) had to pick up a candystick from one plate, with his mouth, pass it to his wife (yep you guessed it, no hands involved) and the aunty had to put it on the empty place beside her! It was hilarious!

Another game was the 'compatibility test', which was quite a revelation.. Atleast to my bro! My mom and dad were asked 'Did you have a love marriage or an arranged one?' and both of them put down 'Love marriage'. Well, I was told this some years back by my cousins (as some kinda ammunition ;) ) but my bro had absolutely no inkling. Well, actually he didn't know that sush's parents was a love marriage, and EVERYBODY knows that (as do my friends) although how he managed to remain ignorant of this tidbit is beyond my understanding!

Anyways, thats about it for now.. Have a great year ahead of ya :)


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