December 12, 2006


An un-original title, I must admit. Yesterday, my mom and aunt - when I say 'aunt' its almost always Sush's mom - went to a pujari who also reads horoscopes. You guessed it, they were armed with all our horoscopes. Mine, ranju's, sush's, shru's, suri's and our parents'. So I am gonna give you a sneak preview into our future!!

Mom , since we started this story with her. Apparently my mom worries more than events warrant. hehe! She also will have arthritis problems, so she must exercise. Am I clairvoyant or what, I enrolled my mama (mom) in a gym last year itself!!

Aunt, no clue, must check with mom ;)

Suri.. Will have sanna-putta (small) health problems always. Now I know why the little chappie used to have such awful teeth.. and still looks like a skeleton.. well thats a family trait tho!

Speaking of which, my bro's weight is set to zoom.. Upwards!! Apparently he will get really fat and might have health problems coz of that!! Well, in my family (first cousins included) we have very few or no fat people, so thats worrying. But not altogether surprising coz he eats like a pig !

Coming to Sush. Well the darlin should get married next year it seems if she hopes to find a good laddie. And ranju, sush and me share one common characteristic - our moonsign is taurus aka d bull. And we are very difficult to handle when we want something, we just charge through, he said!! hehe But my mom was telling us that ranju and sush are easy to manage, its me and shru who will cause the problems ;)

Okie I gotta talk of myself, shouldnt I? Hmmm, I stand almost a sure-shot chance at higher study (Sigh of relief? I will wait until I get an admit) And I should be married off before I turn 25, or moi will have a love marriage!! Aint that interesting now?? And that has shocked my mom n aunt. Let me put a note here that will tell ya that my aunt RAN away and got married to my uncle (dad's bro). But now they want to try n get me to tie the dreaded knot so I wont bring scandal! Talk about irony!

Enough of this ram-kahani, will let ya know if any of this comes true.. One thing I am worried about, ranju turnin faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! :D


Meena said...


Rush said...

thanks :D hehe sorry for d late reply, my blog was not opening from office..i kept gettin a connection time out error!!

Samarth said...

i stil say u shud gv mallya jr a shot!!

Vikas Adiga said...

Great post i like it.

Rush said...

@sam: looks like mallya junior is waiting for me eh :-O

@vikas: thanks!! i must say, one of the predictions did come true..i am doing my higher studies ;)