September 09, 2006

a brilliant notion ;)

well well well, i must have mailed most of you through orkut, but if I haven't, here goes -

I am considering putting up my CnH mail here on my blog, instead of sending a mail everyday. I got the idea coz I have a prob currently with my lotus notes and am unable to send any mails :( :(

since most of you seem ok with it, am gonna start posting soon!! Til then, goodnite. and good luck :D



Sandeep said...

Don't think Bill Watterson's gonna be too happy about you publishing his work on your blog...
Second thoughts... Hmm?

nish said...

me toooooooooo!...
think the same as above!!!.... :-D
can try publishin RnH ;-)
wat say???........ :-P

Rush said...

hehe.. am not infringing copyright..i hope!!! :D

RnH sounds gooooooooooood!! ;) ;)