July 08, 2006


You sometimes have to wonder at the sheer audacity or guts of someone. Like when LTTE offered an apology for the killing of Rajiv Gandhi, after fifteen years of the actual crime, expecting to be forgiven by a 'magnanimous' India who would then jump to the rescue of the LTTE, who have dipped in popularity charts recently. Not that they were ever top of the charts. An excerpt of some of the reactions to the 'apology'

I wish we had an agency like the Mossad who would go and wipe out the perpetrators of any crime against the nation.

Enough about them. Do let me know of instances in your life/ public personalities who surprise you, or shock you, simply by being incredibly stupid, or showing remarkable guts.

**Note: Do not mention France or Zidane, or your comment will be deleted :-P **


unforgiven said...

LTTE didn't kill Rajiv Gandhi. Politicians across the Congress, BJP, Chandrashekhar and international organisations that didn't want to see Rajiv Ji come to power again did.

LTTE was simply a tool, which is what they regret. They don't regret that they killed Rajiv Ji but rather the fact that they were 'used'.

It is all a disgusting game.

Rush said...

oh ya, chandraswami and d like.. The Enemy Within should be a good title for a story on terrorism in our country.

btw..are u in dallas?

clash said...

What the hell are you speaking? Jews and their Mosad are the worst criminals on earth. Pity those who coins their views about world reading some Jefferey Archer and all those pulp who potryas Mosad ans CIA as the saviours of this planet

Rush said...

Well, I am not tolerating such talk from someone who can barely spell or know the use of plural tense! I pity you :)

Sour-ing Mercury said...

@clash - Ignoring the offbeat grammar, the contents remain valid, I dare to agree with him.
@rush - Its so hard to believe that the Jews were once the persecuted lot ( did we forget the gas chambers of Auschwitz so easily ? ). Wipe out the infidels ? Wow .. sounds great .. but a bad option .. 'Eye for an eye' never works outside the realm of surgery ;-)