July 31, 2006

A Fork in the Road

There are times when you come to a fork in the road. In our roads, especially more so. But I was not talking about the ones we drive, rather try to drive on. When there are two paths you can walk down on, in your life. Neither is rosy, perhaps neither are filled with thorns. Just two very different things that you can do. How do you decide? Tossing a coin to decide which one to take, may seem the easiest thing that you can do. Leaving it up to providence. Leaving it to the hand of God to urge you down any one path.

Sometimes there aren't two roads. Just one. A small change in your personality, in your current circumstance that would result in a different avenue opening up right before you. And you have to decide, whether to take it or not. A different kind of a job that crops up. An old friend who you see in a different light. Just about everything would change, if you do act upon it.

Not acting upon something, wanting status-quo, because you are scared of the 'what-ifs' is what one might want to do. But you would forever live with that question. 'If only I had taken up that offer'. 'If only I had told him/her.' If only's..

When you are at a crossroads the next time, it probably is because you desperately want change in your life. Go down the fork, in any direction. Choose. In the hopes that if it doesn't work out, maybe you would come across the other path somewhere down the road. Or maybe a completely different one.

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