June 11, 2006

A Yawn Is Upon Us!

Now this is something you can never claim to have 'not' done, unless you are some kind of freak.

When you are listening intently to a harrowing tale that happened to your friend, damn it, the yawn sneaks up on you! And you try your best to swallow it lest it offend your friend. Futile, isnt it? Not that your friend would get offended, but you feel guilty for showing a sign of boredom in the middle of her/ his interesting tale. 'I think I need some oxygen, you know yawns are a sign of oxygen-deprivation?' you mumble hoping that you will be forgiven. Till you see your friend respond back with a yawn. Of course she will, its contagious!! :) :)

You are in class, listening to a teacher drone off in his sleep-inducing voice, and you are trying your best to make sure he doesn't see you yawn. Or you know what would happen. 'Rush, answer this: blah blah blaaaah blah blah?'

You blink, did he actually ask something? 'Er...'

'Go wash your face!'

You gleefully slip out of the class. Its not a bad thing always, you know, this yawning ;)

Have you ever tried to make the yawn as small as possible? What would happen is a very unseemly stretch of the skin in the lower jaw, which you would have to hide with your palm anyways. So much for that idea.

Imagine a room full of people at an important meeting, and then someone has the temerity to let out a yawn! And don't you just love seeing it spread around the room faster than the speed of thought??

The best place to yawn is definitely at home, with your friends or family around you. You can see yawns in their magnificient glory, accompanied by a nice stretch of the tired muscles, with the comfort of knowing you dont have to cover up!



b v n said...

And don't you just love seeing it spread around the room faster than the speed of thought??

- "chronicles of a chronic anarchist" - good one

Sandeep said...

This is SO true!

Really well written!

Rush said...

merci beaucoop both of you!! :)

Cruel Intentions said...

And I Can See jho Yawning, YAAWN