June 15, 2006

End of an Era

Today's probably one of those infrequent days that mark your life that you will remember, always. For me, that is. For my friends at work.

Kiddo left today, for Ahmedabad. From there he will go on to IIM, Lucknow. The three of us, jo, dodo n me are really happy for him. But we sure are gonna miss him! We have been friends for almost two years. And dodo moved upstairs to the fourth floor, away from our cubicle. It may not seem like a big deal. But we havent been called the Laughter Club for no reason.

8 of us had joined this project on the same day. Got trained in a conference room, together. Four of us somehow made it into one cube! Of the eight, one is in the US now. Aru left too, to the US. Another's in Uruguay. Psycho's been on the fourth floor for almost 2-3 months now. Diminishing numbers. Raj will leave soon for uruguay too. And dodo's left today, albeit a change of place. But I cant roll my chair over to her desk when I want to talk to her anymore. The times when we four forget about our systems and turn towards the center of the cube and chat away may just have come to an end. It probably wont be the 'most happening ;)' place anymore. Aw, well the three of us are still there, but its not the same!

Feels a lot like the Beginning of the End. Thats the worst time. Coz after the end of something, you would have something new to look forward to. But the period thats depressing is the In-Between!

Change. A word that fills you with excitement, trepidation, exhilaration and much more, all at the same time! How boring it would be, without change. Aint it great to make new friends? But then, why do they have to leave ;-( ?
Sorry guys, I am just depressed today.


Divs said...

hey rush!
share the same feelin man... its been a week... n still feel horrid about it! miss the cube like hell...

Rush said...

same here divs!! wit u being soooo busy now, cant even get to speak to ya!! :( :(