April 03, 2006

Slaughter of the Innocent

the slaughter of the innocent,
passes by the ignorant
no one knows, no one listens,
faint murmurs of the wind begins
a new life is wrought,
but nothing can be taught
for when there is no innocence,
there cant be any penchance
for learning, or for knowing,
i look upon the change,
and know that no one can gauge
the depths of such an event
for it is but the slaughter of an innocent!


robbie said...
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robbie said...

nice one rush .. as usual .. :).. high time u resign from tcs and take up writing as a full time profession .. so, r u trying to convey s'thing specfic by this poem??? ;)

Rush said...

hehe.. well, i guess its a lil ambiguous, but since v were talkin abt innocence or d lack of it(when i wrote this one)..
its supp to say that once innocence is dead, a new life is born that does not seek knowledge(is not curious to learn) ..hmm thats supp to be a bad thing, don ask me why ;) ;)

unforgiven said...

Don't hate me for this but, let me give you a bit of constructive criticism.

So, the poem has a great premise and good word usage. You are making a mistake though that I myself do all the time..

Meter. Rhyme used to be important for poetry but hasn't been in forever. Meter though still is. A poem doesn't quite flow as well from the lips if the meter goes a bit off and here, it is very off..

Rush said...

hey there, thanks :)
u know wat, i spent like 2 mins on it coz i was scrappin in ma friends book and made up somethin.. and since i love puttin up stuff on d blog, thot mite as well ;)
next time wil keep this in mind!
and hey, put ur blog url here so i wil remember it.. ur profile stil doesn allow access...

Sandeep said...

Surreal, but nice...
It's a bit like modern-art, not sure what to make of it...