April 05, 2006

messin around :)

wrote this one to tease a friend.. do not judge me!!

alone i sat
silent as a rat
looking at her
twitchin my whiskers
i wait for a morsel
of food from her parcel
i wish she would hurry
and leave a l'il curry

i have left it incomplete coz i gotta catch my bus now !


unforgiven said...

aww.. touchy :P

Juggernaut said...

Your similies are inappropriate.
A rat is seldom silent, it keeps squeaking and is as disgusting as you are!!


Cruel Intentions said...

Was it Dodo?

nish said...

un maanatha neeyae vaangaraiya?...


ippade saaptuma nee ippade irukka?..

hehe :o)

Rush said...

ha ha.. i am not talkin of myself!! :)
oye jug! pot callin d kettle black? do u even remember ur disgustin snap on orkut?