July 22, 2012

Dark Summer

The writing exercise was to use two of the below sentences in the piece, one at the beginning, and one at the end. Ten sentences, 20 minutes. Brevity was key. 

It was a long time ago
Who would have ever thought?
I couldn't help staring
I broke her heart
The guts spilled at my feet
The darkness stared back at me

Who would have ever thought that Adriana would be the embodiment of evil? Picasso's muse, the Dark Knight's nemesis.

I recognize the fallen field, the Steelers jerseys. The God-forsaken bridges, and the traffic logged Fort Pitt Bridge. Fifth Avenue looks prettier in High Definition. Like in real life, Liberty Avenue makes for a great place to shoot an action scene.

Legend has it that no one ever climbed out of the hell-hole where Bruce Wayne is now held by Bane, save one.

I imagine Pittsburgh as Gotham, bridges locked in.

Will the Dark Knight rise again to rescue the Robber baron's city?

The darkness stares back at me.

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