April 03, 2011

World Champions

For 28 years since the last world cup title, we have had faith, lost faith, have had wonderful victories, unbelievable defeats, came so close to the cup, and still remained far behind. There were multiple scandals, format changes.. and an influx of too much money.

But we never lost our passion for the game, and today we get our reward.

To the game that unites the most diverse country in the world, across all walks of life; to the team that won the cup for us; and to Sachin for being the best role model the country could ever ask for, for 20+ years - THANK YOU!!!

Congratulations, India.

1 comment:

Divs said...

Oh!! so very true... I didn't even follow the world cup till the pak match ...

No regrets!! Worth every penny! worth every sec!! :D