February 12, 2011

Movie Review: No One Killed Jessica

Based on a true story, the movie revolves around the murder of Jessica, at the hands of the son of a powerful politician, and the fight to get justice in the case. Narrated by a journalist, modeled presumably after Barkha Dutt, it spans the 7 long years following the incident in which Manish shot waitress-model Jessica for denying him a drink at a high-profile bar. 300 socialites vanished, claiming they weren't at the scene, witnesses turned hostile, watched by Jessica's sister Sabrina, at the bewildering manner in which evidence disappeared around the crumbling remains of an open-and-shut case.

The movie does a great job of linking other notable events that developed around the same time as Jessica case. Meera, the hotshot journalist returns from the war in Kargil and disregards the seemingly easy Jessica case to focus on another developing story: the hijacking of IC814 which resulted in the release of the three terrorists (all of whom made significant terrorist contributions immediately) in exchange for the passengers. She watches in despair after the case is dismissed, and the perpetrator goes scot-free. Amir Khan's movie Rang de basanti, significantly impacts the Jessica case, by acting as a rallying point. The media and the public take up the cause of Justice for Jessica.

Rani Mukherjee does a great job as the hard hitting, ambitious journalist, while Vidya Balan suits the role of subdued sister perfectly, growing angry and dejected by turn. Some scenes appear contrived: especially the affected speaking style of Malini, the high profile socialite and the almost comedic line uttered by Manish's mom throughout the movie. However, No One Killed Jessica does justice to the telling of a story in which the media and public can make a difference against the nexus of politicians in power. It especially excels in capturing the march of frustration amongst ordinary people, who slowly find their voice. The gripping background score lends to the pace of the movie which leaves you not only with despair at the hoodlums running our country, but also hope, in the power of the people.

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