July 01, 2010

Travails of a license renewal

Lets start at the very beginning,
A very good place to start.
I knew that my license was expiring,
So I went down to PennDOT.

For lack of a SEVIS id,
the homeland security database kept halting
because of a mis-spelled name,
it didn’t know I was now on a H1B.
They sent my docs to Harrisburg for verification.
Told me to come back two weeks later
If in the mail, I didn’t get a letter

When I went to PennDOT yesterday,
I was told to go to immigration (USCIS).
Frustrated, I sat in my car and logged on using my Blackberry
The sight of an 8.30 appointment did make me merry

If only for a little bit
Coz, of course there was another hitch
The USCIS said the mistake was on the Customs database
At the border port, when someone had typed my name in haste

Can you fix it though?
I asked. The answer, a No.
He told me to go down to the Customs Border Patrol office
A cargo building near the airport, in Coraopolis

By then I got a voice message from PennDOT
Saying, perhaps your request, we can accommodate
Filled with hope, I went down there
And it was another hare-brained scare

We wanted to try your documents with a random SEVIS ID
Clearly operating in a manner willy nilly
As he tried experimenting, I prayed a ton
But we were back to square one

I drove the 23 miles to customs
An easy fix, said the officer with a gun
And then he said, Wait a day or two
The systems might take time to update, you know

Not trusting him, I went again to PennDOT
Seeing my face again so soon made for an aggravated lot
Me: “I got them to fix my name”
PennDOT: “Big government moves slow, It’s still the same”

And so I wait for a letter.
Hoping I can get my hands on the bugger
Unable to drive; would love to kill the mofa
That typed Gowda as Goupa.


b v n said...

Gowda Goupa tomato potato, its all the same for them. I usually stop them when they try to pronounce my name. I pity those CIA guys who spy on Russians like solzhenitsyn and dostoevsky :)

Rush said...

ha ha yes, i wonder how they get by while spying ;)
i guess i don't have to miss those days when new teachers at school would pause at my name for a bit (it wasn't that common in Salem, I guess)...and be completely flabbergasted at my best friend's name.. 'Pratiti'