April 20, 2007

Dont want people sitting next to you on the bus? Read on!

i m gonna give you one very important insight today... most of you must b travelling in buses.. and these buses are meant for other s/w engrs like us, same company or different company (depending on company bus/ tech park bus ) .. and u may have discovered that you dont quite like it when ppl sit next to you.. especially since therez looooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddsssssss of empty seats somewher behind or in front ;)

so i m gonna give 'gyaan' on how to avoid ppl sittin next to ya..

whenever d bus stops, you can peer out of your window like you have discovered somethin really really interesting outside... and if d person stands next to your seat, pay no attention..

and make sure you carry atleast 2-3 bags (shoppers stop covers are good for this purpose ;) ) and place it on d next seat.. so if someone does hav patience and waits for you to turn away from d window, you can give an apologetic look and say, i ll carry two bags, can you please hav one wit you till we reach ?? chances are, they would move to a different seat..

another thing you can do.. sleep.. and sleep like u are gonna fall onto the second seat any minute.. nobody wants to sit next to someone who is gonna fall on them all d time.. hehe unless they want you to !!

final tip --> wash your hair frequently.. and when someone gets on d bus, make sure u start shaking ur hair vigorously , as if you are tryin to get all d drops of water out.. hehe no one will want to sit next to a fountain.. so you are definitely safe..

after all this if someone makes d mistake of sitting next to you, make sure u occupy as much space as possible or poke with ur elbow.. hehe they wil get away !! (these are restricted to two-seater seats..)

but if you spot someone u like and know hehe ..make sure u dont do any of d above, look up wit a smile on ur face so they don miss you.. and when they come near ur seat, move all d bags away so they are kinda forced to sit on d seat u emptied for them!!! let me know if this works for ya hehe!

An extract from one of my CnH mails :)


sreekrishnanv said...

First time here .

LOL .... I just did the bag act + looking into my mobile (not peeping out) making sure the place is not for anyone else ....
came home ...and i am reading this !!

Good one !

Rush said...

oh thats a good one!! :D

another friend was suggesting 'feign sickness..lookin like u r susceptible to coughin/pukin' ..havent tried it tho ;)

untapped said...

hehe.. nice. Lol i'll try it out and c if it works

Rush said...

hehe glad to be of help :D if it works, do let me know ;)

Abhi_Amon said...

What...You had the luxury of traveling in ITPL bus with a seat for yourself ;-) Lucky you!!!