May 30, 2006


Nope, not the name of a Danielle Steele book but a real life drama that my friend experienced yday. Before you ask, he's alright. What happened was that an Inspector of Police hit his bike. 'Uh Oh' To know what happens if you tangle with the corrupt, morally bankrupt police officers in our country, read on.... (In his own words)

Here it goes........When I was on my way to work today morning at about 9:45am. I was on my bike. A Bajar Pulsar 180 DTSI. And I was standing at a traffic light at the Cauvery Theatre. All of a sudden I felt my bike move. Someone from behind had hit me! I would say tapped my bike from behind. I turn around to see who it was. and find myself looking at the Jeep of the Inspector of Police!! He was trying to sqeeze through a small gap and in the process kissed my stationary bikes exhaust on the right of the bike. The Inspector himself was at the wheel. He has a small boy, maybe aged around 8 yrs old. No one else in the Jeep. Just the Inspector and this boy.

Then I requested him to be more careful and had to use sign language as he was sitting inside his jeep and I had my helmet on. But that Inspector was not ready to listen and to agree that its his fault. He argued. I could not take it anymore. The signal was still red. We had a good audience around us. I pulled the side stand of my bike, parked my bike right in the middle of the road. Basically the same place where I was hit. Got down the bike and walked up to the window of this inspectors jeep. I argued about his careless driving and told him it was his fault. But he did not agree. He showed arrogance. I took off my helmet and continued to argue and raised my voice against him. He got down from his jeep too. He used his voice to overpower me. But my tempo was too high for anyone to cool it down so I too fought. He pushed me to the side with his hands asking me to get my vehicle to the side. To be more precise he manhandled me in the middle of the road!!! I refused to move my bike from front of his jeep thinking that this person would speed away. Then there was a war of words. Yes 'good' words.

I pulled to the side. He came to the side too. I dialed the 100 Law and Order helpline. Tried it once. It did not go through. It was engaged! Tried it the second time.. It went through and the lady who picked the phone acted like she could hardly listen. I explained that I was hit from the behind by a Police Inspector. By the time I could give her more details of the spot and the name of the officer the line was dropped!!! Think about when the situation is worse and the police helpline telephone connections behave this way!!! Pathetic state of affairs!! Pity this city's police helpline. I could not get through that line again for the 10 mins that I tried.

I took down the vehicle number of the Police Inspector. KA-02 G 270. The name of the Inspector was B.S. Ashok Kumar. I understand that he is the Inspector of Police of the TilakNagar Circle.

After seeing the chaos here the two traffic policemen at the traffic signal ahead came to our rescue. The traffic policemen spoke with the Inspector first while he was sitting in his jeep. They heard his version of the story. I could not hear what the conversation between them was as I was way behind. His jeep was parked ahead of my bike. And I was busy trying to get to the police helpline(100) number. Getting more and more irritated for the fact that the line was not getting connected.

Then the traffic policemen got to me. Took down my number. I told them my version of the story. And then I understood that the Inspector was going to the nearest traffice police station to file an FIR against me. And I was told that if I wanted to file an FIR I had to go to the same Traffic Police station on New BEL Road. Which was about 2 kms away from the accident spot.

The inspectors Jeep fled from the scene. I then told the traffice police men that I would also file an FIR against him. I went to the station on New BEL road. I noticed that the Inspectors jeep was parked outside. Number plate read KA-02 G 270. I knew the culprit was getting his work done by filing the FIR against me. When I entered this small old station with slanting asbestos roof I saw the Inspector sitting on one of the chairs narrating his version of the incident to the person on a table writing down his story in kannada.

I waited, thinking I would get my turn too. After about 3 mins I asked whether my version also would be written in the same FIR. The person who was writing the FIR for the Inspector said yes. And said this is all that would be entered into his(station's) records. Then I insisted that I would file another FIR against the Inspector. I was given a blank sheet of paper and was asked to write the FIR myself. Unfortunately I didnt have a pen. And I requested for one from the constables/officers in that station. All of them refused to help me with a pen!! They instead abused me verbally and indicated that their 'pens' were all busy and they didnt have one for me. I waited. As soon as I saw one of them free up their pens I asked for it. Reluctantly, I was given the pen. Then I started to write my version of the story that had happened at the site of the incident. In about 10 mins I was ready with my FIR report.

Then I had to wait as the Inspector was getting his 'respect' from these lower ranked officers. They were not ready to listen to my part of the story and were busy 'licking the inspectors feet' by showering their respect to this person who did not have the least courtesy to behave decently at the site of the incident.

Anyways, the inspectors FIR was almost getting ready. I was proof reading my report. I noticed I had to make some correction. Well I didn't not have a pen now to make that correction and I had to ask the officer, yes the one who was not using the pen at that time, in the station to lend me one. He instead humiliated me by asking how many times I needed the pen!! And he refused to hand me a pen. I did not ask the second time. I simply walked out of the police station and borrowed a pen from a person outside who was having tea at a road side tea stall next to the police station.

I got back into station. I wanted to mention the rank of this inspector. When I asked him for his rank, he as usual, refused to let me know. Instead he humiliated me again by saying I should have known it by now and should have been smart enough. I did not want to leave the mention of this incident also in the FIR. I included this detail. Finishing my correction and addition of the new info, I was ready to submit the report. In this mean time another Inspector. Mr Nagaraj, I think that was his name, from the the Sadashivnagar police station came down to this traffic police station. The culprit, yes Mr Ashok Kumar, and Mr Nagaraj had a word. I was told that I had to accompany Mr Nagaraj to another station. Please note I hadnt yet filed my traffic police FIR. I was taken aback as to why I had to go to another police station without reporting my case. I asked Mr Nagaraj where one needs to file the traffic police FIR. I was redirected to the same Sadashivnagar traffic police station. I stayed back. I got back into the police station. Meanwhile Mr Ashok Kumar was getting ready to leave the station. He and the little kid got back into the Jeep and left the station. I could not say anything. The SI of this traffice police station was not present at this time and infact he was not around all this while.

Along with the details of the incident that happened at the accident spot my FIR also contained the misbehaviour displayed by the officers of this police station. I waited.. I waited for over 20 mins for the SI to get to the station. In the meantime I was clicking photos of events around me. Fortunately I was carrying a camera with me. But whats unfortunate is that it did not strike me that I could have capture the events at the accident spot.

Anyways, no regrets. After about 20 mins the SI arrived. Looked at the two FIRs that were lying on his desk. One from my side and the other from Mr Ashok Kumar. It was learnt that Mr Ashok Kumar has not revealed his rank in the FIR!!! There is no mention that he is an Inspector! This was bought to the notice of the person who was writing the FIR by the SI. I wasn't too surprised as I knew the inspector wanted to hide his identity. And I was advised that I leave my vehicle behind as they would require the vehicles to inspect the damage and carry out an investigation. But guess what, Mr Ashok Kumar has already fled from this place!! His jeep is not there too!! I was told that I could take my vehicle with me and I was asked to provide them with my home address, phone number, employer details etc so that they could call me, if required, to inspect the vehicle.

I was provided an acknowledgement for my FIR. After which I was told that I had to get to another police station. The Law and Order(L&O) police station of Sadashivnagar. I was accompanied by a constable from that L&O station. When I went there I was told that another FIR has been filed against me. Reason, I used foul language against the Inspector! Now as I confessed earlier we did have a heated argument and both of us used foul language. But now this is official. Its recorded against me. And I could not simply sit there. The Officer at this L&O station was to give me a notice. A notice stating that I had to get to this station sometime when I was free to speak with the Inspector. Mr Nagaraj. I smelt something fishy here. But I quickly realized that I have a report against me and I do not have counter report against the Inspector, Mr Ashok Kumar. I insisted that I would file a FIR against Mr Ashok Kumar. And so I did. I was provided an acknowledgement and also the notice to appear at this police station whenever I was free. Since I do not know how to read kannada too well, I took pictures of this FIR using my digital camera. Unfortunately I had not taken the picture of the FIR lodged at the traffice police station. The officer at this station was kind enough to explain what exactly had happened and what might happen, moving forward. He did mention something about an IPC case and stuff. But I could not get most of the details.

Then I had to leave as my job of filing another counter FIR at the L&O station was done.

I picked up my bike and headed back to where I was going at 9:45 in the morning...My Work!! End of Story.

I am sure more will unfold as the days go by. I hope to keep a record of all this.Oh yes, before I forget I am attaching some of the photos that I took all through this 'series of unfortunate events'.Please feel free to share this mail with any of your friends, who need to be made aware that one should not bend in front of such law breakers. Whoever it might be!!

The worst of all cases, as I look at it, is when the law makers themselves break the law!!

Thank you for reading through this little experience of mine right till the end. :)Have a nice day!


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Vasanth said...

Kudos to your any case..ask him to speak to a lawyer and make sure he doesnt get outsmarted !!

Diabolic Preacher said...

thanks for sharing this experience.

Diabolic Preacher